Monday, February 20, 2012

How to Choose a Drug Rehab Facility in Tampa, Florida

If you are suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction and you are ready to take the steps to recovery, one of the most difficult choices you have to make is to make that initial step, which is contacting a drug rehab facility or drug rehab specialist in Tampa. Every drug rehab doctor or facility is different, and many are structured to treat the addicted in a group setting and may not have the ability to provide more individualized counseling and therapy.

Dr. George Northrup, psychiatrist and drug rehab specialist in Tampa Florida  offers confidential, one on one drug and alcohol addiction counseling and rehab services in a relaxed environment which is often more appealing than hurling yourself directly into a group setting. Seeking treatment is crucial if you are addicted to drugs and alcohol and knowing you have choices in your treatment can often alleviate some of the fears you may have with regards to treatment options.

Overdose from drugs such as opiates as found in many prescription pain medications is at an all time high. Street drugs such as heroine, marijuana, cocaine is also prevalent in the Tampa bay area and combined with alcohol can only you lead you down a path that will cause pain, suffering and all too often, death. Living a healthy, productive and drug free lifestyle is possible with the help of the proper Tampa drug rehab specialist. Medication, nutrition therapy and counseling are some of the ways in which Dr. Northrup will handle your rehab from drugs and alcohol in his Tampa office. He may also suggest meetings or refer you to resources to enhance your drug and alcohol rehab experience with the goal of successful rehabilitation from your addiction.

Compassionate, one on one care with Tampa bay's first class psychiatrist will help you on your way to a substance free life begins with that first call. If  you live in the Tampa bay area and you've previously failed at alcohol rehab or drug rehabilitation---don't give up! It often takes time to break life-long addictions and failing once, twice or more often, doesn't mean you've failed. Each day brings a new opportunity for a second chance-- but each drink or drug use, could take away that chance forever. Pick up the phone today and call Dr. George Northrup in Tampa, Florida. Do something good for yourself and give your life another chance through rehab and drug counseling.

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