Monday, February 20, 2012

How to Choose a Drug Rehab Facility in Tampa, Florida

If you are suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction and you are ready to take the steps to recovery, one of the most difficult choices you have to make is to make that initial step, which is contacting a drug rehab facility or drug rehab specialist in Tampa. Every drug rehab doctor or facility is different, and many are structured to treat the addicted in a group setting and may not have the ability to provide more individualized counseling and therapy.

Dr. George Northrup, psychiatrist and drug rehab specialist in Tampa Florida  offers confidential, one on one drug and alcohol addiction counseling and rehab services in a relaxed environment which is often more appealing than hurling yourself directly into a group setting. Seeking treatment is crucial if you are addicted to drugs and alcohol and knowing you have choices in your treatment can often alleviate some of the fears you may have with regards to treatment options.

Overdose from drugs such as opiates as found in many prescription pain medications is at an all time high. Street drugs such as heroine, marijuana, cocaine is also prevalent in the Tampa bay area and combined with alcohol can only you lead you down a path that will cause pain, suffering and all too often, death. Living a healthy, productive and drug free lifestyle is possible with the help of the proper Tampa drug rehab specialist. Medication, nutrition therapy and counseling are some of the ways in which Dr. Northrup will handle your rehab from drugs and alcohol in his Tampa office. He may also suggest meetings or refer you to resources to enhance your drug and alcohol rehab experience with the goal of successful rehabilitation from your addiction.

Compassionate, one on one care with Tampa bay's first class psychiatrist will help you on your way to a substance free life begins with that first call. If  you live in the Tampa bay area and you've previously failed at alcohol rehab or drug rehabilitation---don't give up! It often takes time to break life-long addictions and failing once, twice or more often, doesn't mean you've failed. Each day brings a new opportunity for a second chance-- but each drink or drug use, could take away that chance forever. Pick up the phone today and call Dr. George Northrup in Tampa, Florida. Do something good for yourself and give your life another chance through rehab and drug counseling.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Drug Addiction : How to Recover From an Oxycontin Addiction

As an addiction specialist based in Tampa Florida I would like to discuss how to break an Oxycodone (Oxycontin) addiction.

Oxycodone is a member of the opiate of family. Oxycodone is the name of the drug that for some, becomes highly addictive. Oxycodone can be combined with acetaminphen (Percocet, Tylox, for example) or aspirin. It is also often combined in cough surpressants and other medications. Oxycontin (the "contin" means continious) is sold in different strengths. It is used solely for time released pain relief. This medication is suppose to last for up to 12 hours, but many times, people have episodes of "breakthrough pain" and they are also given oxycodone to help get them through, until their next dose. For many, these drugs can be used correctly and can benefit chronic pain sufferers. Often times people become addicted to oxycontin and other pain killers after having taken them for long periods of time. When they try to stop, the side affects can be debilitating and they keep taking it in higher doses just to avoid the side affects that occur. Other times, teenagers are taking these medications from their parents medicine cabinets, most always in an attempt to "get high." This behavior can result in an addiction to oxycontin, and when it is no longer available to them, they will resort to buying the oxycontin on the street.
(Read the statistics below.)
Other drugs that are in the opiate family are Morphine, Hydrocodone, Heroin and others. Because of the availability of prescription medications and painkillers like oxycodone, often times, people who are addicted to these medications or drugs can find them more easily than illicit or strictly street drugs. This is part of the reason addiction to prescription drugs, specifically painkillers, has been on the rise most recently.

What can you do about an Oxycodone (Oxycontin) Addiction?

1- Absolutely engender some sort of help; typically people don’t break this cycle all alone. Talk to a family member loved one, doctor or a Tampa addiction specialist, or mental health counselor. These are people who are trained to deal with these types of issues regularly.

2- Consider involving yourself in some sort of group therapy, like a 12 step program, utilized by such as AA, or NA, Alcoholics Anonymous, and Narcotics Anonymous respectively.

3- In seeking a Tampa addiction specialist you would likely want to find one who has a license to subscribe Suboxone. This is a medication that can help with cravings and addictions specifically in the opiate family... This of course is not a solution to your oxycontin addiction or other painkiller addiction but part of the recovery program.

There is no age, gender or race barrier against prescription drug or painkiller abuse and addiction. Daily, more than 2,000 teenagers try a painkiller to get high for the first time which often results in an addiction to painkillers. According to recent ad campaigns to raise awareness of teen prescription drug use, teens are often times obtaining these drugs from their own parents’ medicine cabinets and are both being abused and sold on the street. Treatment for painkiller addiction, such as oxycotin addiction, Oxycodone addiction or other opiates, can be obtained discretely and humanely in my Tampa office.

Although you are addicted to a painkiller, such as oxycotin, you are NOT an addict to me and you’ll be provided discrete and compassionate care during your recovery. If you are in the Tampa bay area and require treatment for an oxycotin addiction, please let us know.

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Monday, April 25, 2011

How to Cure a Cocaine Addiction with a Tampa Addiction Counselor

If you’re addicted to cocaine and wondering what to do you typically don’t cure addiction, you manage it. If you are susceptible to addiction you are likely to remain so. However, this doesn’t mean you have to be trapped by your addiction. The first step to managing a cocaine addiction is to speak to somebody. Most addicts are usually squirreled away trying to do this on their own, too scared too nervous and too ashamed to tell anyone. The first step is to overcome those negative emotions and simply speak to someone, anybody, a friend family member or go to a Tampa addiction specialist or counselor.

Once you overcome that hurtle you are on your way to some sort of management of this problem. In addition to speaking to someone you trust, it is often helpful to engage in some sort of twelve step program in Tampa or in your area. This is a form of group therapy and is often one of the cornerstones of treatment. Often times addiction is accompanied by co morbid conditions or problems typically like anxiety or depression if you feel that you are suffering from one of these, and that is fueling the cocaine addiction you should speak to a mental health specialist or Tampa detox specialist as well.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How To Tell if a Person is a Drug Addict

As an addiction specialist in Tampa Florida I would like to talk about how to spot an addict.

People using coke or other stimulants often exhibit some telltale signs:

  • Dilated Pupils
  • Erratic Behavior
  • Nervousness, Irritability and Anxiety

More importantly, are the general signs of addiction
  • Changes in behavior
  • Keeping Different hours
  • New or different associates and friends
  • Having money problems
  • Losing track of social and work obligations

    Addicts are often powerless to help themselves and need someone else to help them. If you see a loved one or friend struggling with
    drug addiction, talk to them about it, they may seem defensive at first, but eventually they’ll recognize that you are trying to act in their best interest.

With some addictions there are medications that can be useful in curbing craving and behaviors. As such, it may be useful to consult an addiction professional --additionally as folks find themselves deeper in the web of addiction, they need outside resource for addiction recovery. A counselor or therapist can be of utility as well. Additionally, group settings like the twelve step program of AA or NA can be of great used to the active addict and person who requires recover.

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tampa Weight Loss Doctor Shares List of Tainted Products

As a Tampa Weight Loss Doctor who believes in behavioral modification, diet and exercise combined with weight loss medications when necessary, I feel it important to share this information from WebMD on various weight loss product warnings.

FDA Expands List of Tainted Weight-Loss Products
Heartwire — a professional news service of WebMD
Michael O'Riordan
January 16, 2009 (Rockville, Maryland) — The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has expanded a warning about tainted weight-loss products that contain undeclared, active pharmaceutical ingredients, some of which can cause important cardiovascular side effects. The FDA analysis found that these products contained sibutramine, phenytoin, phenolphthalein, and bumetanide.
One product, known as Phyto Shape, even contained rimonabant, the cannabinoid-receptor blocker that has been linked to neurological and psychiatric side effects. In 2007, an FDA advisory committee unanimously said no to rimonabant, and Sanofi-Aventis, the maker of rimonabant, eventually halted all clinical research with the weight-loss drug.
The expanded list ups the number of contaminated weight-loss products from 28 to 69. The original advisory was issued December 22, 2008. According to an FDA press release, the agency has inspected some companies associated with the sale of these illegal products and is currently seeking product recalls. Additional enforcement steps, such as warning letters, initiating seizures, injunctions, or criminal charges, are also possible.
The weight-loss products are often marketed as dietary supplements and said to contain only natural or herbal ingredients. Some of the tainted weight-loss products include Extrim Plus 24 Hour Reburn, Body Creator, and Body Slimming, which contain sibutramine, and 24-Hours Diet, which contains phenolphthalein.
Sibutramine, a prescription drug to treat obesity, may cause tachycardia, palpitations, hypertension, stroke, MI, and seizures. Phenytoin is an approved antiseizure medication, and bumetanide a diuretic. Phenolphthalein was an ingredient in some over-the-counter laxative products until the FDA reclassified the drug as "not generally recognized as safe and effective." It has also been shown to be potentially carcinogenic.

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Food and Drug Administration. FDA expands warning to consumers about tainted weight loss pills. January 8, 2008. Available at:
The complete contents of Heartwire, a professional news service of WebMD, can be found at, a Web site for cardiovascular healthcare professionals.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Weight Loss Doctors, Tampa

Seeking a weight loss Doctor is a very personal decision and often it's a challenge finding the right weight loss doctor. There are many to choose from and Tampa, in particular has an abundance of weight loss clinics and physicians to aid people in shedding those extra pounds.

What should you look for when you're searching for a weight loss clinic or doctor?

The best answer can often be found in what other patients are saying about their experiences with Weight Loss Doctors in Tampa. The one thing that holds true is that patients feel that since they are paying out of pocket for a weight loss doctor--they should be provided with the highest level of care. Most patients agree that they would rather be seen by the clinics doctor, at each visit, rather than seeing a clinician or P.A. In doing so a level of trust is built, and once patients feel more comfortable about speaking with the doctor regarding issues that may have contributed to their weight gain --as well as their success or failure when trying to lose the weight, then they can really get serious about not only taking the weight off, but keeping it off.

Doctors should spend time with their patients in a relaxed atmposphere and take time to delve into the patient's medical history to find the cause of their weight loss. Patients deserve to be treated with respect and that means taking time with the patient, understanding the behaviors that lead to the weight gain and not simply lining them up for their weight loss medications for the week.

Dr. George Northrup is a Weight Loss Doctor in Tampa and would enjoy hearing your comments, questions and your experience with other Tampa Weight Loss Doctors.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Tampa Weight Loss | Weight Loss in a Pill?

Sixty percent of Americans are overweight, more if you use the National Institute of Health’s most recent data. You don’t need a reporter, statistician or medical journal to tell you. Just look around! In teens, the obesity rate has tripled since the 1970’s. According to the American Heart Association each year 300,000 American adults die of obesity related disease.

Only short term solutions come in pill form. Long term solutions are just as simple, in theory. Nonetheless, the FDA approved the first over the counter weight loss medication. Alli is the lower dose version of Xenical. The active ingredient in both is orlistat, 60 mg and 120 mg respectively. Orlistat blocks the absorption of some fat in meals when taken correctly. The makers of Alli recommend a reduced calorie low fat diet, which is a clear message that the pill will not do all the work and as with any long term solution the magic lies within the individuals willingness to modify there actions.

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